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10 greatest topics to write a persuasive essay on

Students are asked to write essays ever since kindergarten. They are trained since their early grades to write essays on different topics and styles. An essay can be of many different forms including the descriptive essays, comparison essays, argumentative essay, and a persuasive essay. The main difference between the argumentative and persuasive essay is that an argumentative essay is a bold, where you attack and challenge the opposite side. However, in a persuasive essay the focus is to convince the reader on your subject. You need to show them why you are right using real life examples and stats to support your stance

Topic of the persuasive essay

Finding a good topic for your persuasive essay can be challenging, you need to choose a topic, which you are passionate about and can comfortably write an essay on it. Not only that, you should also have relevant examples and knowledge to convince the reader at your point

It is very important that you ask your teacher for assistance for choosing the right topic. They can give you instructions on what kind of topics are ideal for a persuasive essay. Your teacher might stop you from using a few topics because they are either not relevant or too over dragged. This means that many students before you have written essays on that topic and your teacher expects you to think of a unique topic. Make sure the topic is broad enough to cover the subject and narrow enough to prevent you from diverting away. Never instantly select a single topic, try writing down 2 or three topics and you can then filter them out. Try arranging your topic and see what is the right structure that you should follow

Ten greatest topics for a persuasive essay

Here are top ten topics for a persuasive essay which will give you an idea of how your topic should look like

  1. Snowing is the ideal time to spend with family
  2. Excess of finances is bad
  3. Teens need to take parenting classes
  4. Cold war is not a good thing for the economy
  5. Youth should wear what is according to their culture
  6. There must be laws for people who leave their pets
  7. Too much burden of homework is not a good thing
  8. Employment opportunities should be fair and unbiased
  9. Movies based on violence should have parental advisory notice
  10. Smoking should not be allowed in public places

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