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7 Opinion Essay Writing Prompts For Middle School Students

When students enter middle school, they are expected to meet a higher academic standard than grade school. Among other requirements, students may be expected to complete an opinion essay. This type of writing is also known as a persuasive essay. In the paper, the student must explain their opinion on a specific subject and back up their argument with facts. The best opinion essays are written about a topic that the student truly cares about, so they should take some time considering the writing prompt that they want to use for their paper. To start brainstorming some ideas, students should check out the following list of essay prompts.

  1. Some people like to spend time volunteering at their church, through an organization or at their school. Decide if you believe that volunteering is a useful or ethical thing to do. Use reasons and facts to back up your beliefs. If you already have an organization that you volunteer at, write an argument that convinces the reader to volunteer their time with you.

  2. Currently, there is a debate over the health and risks of genetically modified foods. In the United States, foods do not have to be labeled as GMO or non-GMO foods. Should all foods be labeled about their ingredients? Do you believe that this would be too difficult for the companies to do?

  3. People complain that the news focuses on blood, murder, violence and crime too often. Do you believe that other topics like health or politics should be covered more often? Do you think that violence in the media leads to violence in real life?

  4. Many students now have cell phones and laptops. While people used to communicate only in person, many people today just send test or e-mails. Is this harming the way people socialize? Do you think that technology has been a good thing or a bad thing for relationships?

  5. We now live in a globalized economy. Many people may take jobs in other countries or work with employees who came from another nation. Due to this, should students be required to learn a foreign language in school? Is learning a foreign language helpful in real life?

  6. Some studies show that the average American spends six hours watching television a day. Do you believe that this is too much or too little time in front of the television? Why or why not?

  7. Many schools are allowed to search students' lockers for drugs and weapons whenever they want to. In comparison, adults are only searched when a police officer gets a warrant. Do you think that that locker searchers violate the rights of the student? Should children be given more rights?

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