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Top 19 Intriguing Informative Expository Essay Topics

If you have been asked to write an informative expository essay, and the thought of this seems quite daunting, then the following may be of use to you. After you have read this article, hopefully you should have a better idea of what is required of the work, as well as some great suggestions for possible topics and titles that you can use your essay.

  • What is an informative expository essay?
  • Essentially, this kind of academic paper will require you to look at a subject and explain more about it to the reader. It may be that you explain how a particular process works, or you may be trying to describe something, be it a concept or a real tangible object. Furthermore, as well as providing a further explanation about the topic that you’re writing about, you may also wish to go into further detail about a certain aspect of that topic - for example, not only how process works, but how effective it is.

  • Choosing a relevant title
  • The title that you choose will most likely be influenced by the subject that you are studying. For example, if you are studying information technology, then you may wish to choose a topic that is related to technology in some way; however, this topic may be less appropriate if you’re studying geography, for example.

    Using various brainstorming techniques, you can think of various ideas, before narrowing down your thoughts until you find something that you would like to write about. To get you started, you may benefit from some of the suggestions below.

    1. What is positive discrimination and does it ultimately lead to inequality?
    2. What is fracking?
    3. How do oil companies look for and collect oil that is located under the sea?
    4. How is crude oil refined so that it can be used as a fuel source?
    5. How do email systems work?
    6. What is applied economics?
    7. How does the foreign exchange market work?
    8. What are stock exchanges?
    9. How do aeroplanes take-off, fly, and land?
    10. How do autopilot systems work?
    11. What are black holes and how are they formed?
    12. How do laser printers work?
    13. What is scientific notation?
    14. How does claustrophobia affect the people who suffer from it?
    15. How do IQ tests measure for intelligence and what techniques used to adjust for people of different ages?
    16. Held as obsessive disorder impact upon the lives of sufferers?
    17. How champagne bottles made?
    18. How is wine made?
    19. How do nuclear-power stations produce and distribute electricity?

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