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What Are Some Good Cause And Effect Essay Topics: 20 Suggestions

A cause and effect essay is one where you discuss why things happen and what then happens as a result of this. Written below are 20 great suggestions for such writing, even if you are going to buy essay online cheap. The first 10 are a little more complicated and are accompanied with some ideas or explanation; the second 10 are simpler.

  1. Discuss the acidification of the ocean
  2. The pH of the ocean is rising: that much we know. Why exactly that is, however, is down to a number of different reasons, the interaction of which is extremely complicated.

  3. Why do adverts work/not work?
  4. It is clear why we have adverts, but why do they sometimes work and why do they not?

  5. Why do people stay in abusive relationships?
  6. Many people in relationships are abused, physically, mentally, emotionally or psychologically. However, many of them stay. Is there any reason for this that you can find?

  7. How does watching porn affect relationships?
  8. Does watching porn damage people’s expectations of sex with their significant other? Why?

  9. What caused the depression of the 21st century?
  10. There were many causes of the 21st century depression. Can you identify and isolate them?

  11. Why did the Titanic sink?
  12. The most obvious answer is, of course, the iceberg. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll find other, more complicated reasons for the Titanic disaster.

  13. What causes back pain?
  14. Is there one cause for back pain, or many? What are the most common reasons that people get back pain?

  15. Is ‘Miss America’ a harmful contest?
  16. This title is, of course, linked with the problems of the beauty industry and whether too much pressure is put on people to be able to conform to unrealistic expectations of beauty.

  17. What are the most basic causes of homelessness?
  18. Homelessness is still a problem in developed countries such as Britain and most of Europe. What is the root reason for this?

  19. What effect does divorce have on children?
  20. Can you measure what happens to children after their parents divorce? Does it depend on the type of divorce?

  21. Positive-thinking: does it affect the outcome?
  22. Can music have healing effects?
  23. What are the main reasons for pollution?
  24. What are the main reasons for joblessness?
  25. Does social media affect family relationships? How?
  26. What happens if you watch too many reality shows?
  27. What effect does pain have on personality?
  28. How is teenage suicide linked to social media?
  29. Does education improve homelessness problems?
  30. Does prison stop reoffending?

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