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Multiple Intelligence

Howard Gardner developed the multiple intelligence model in 1983. The theory implies that intelligence is not dominated by a single general ability, but rather is differentiated into different conditions, or “modalities”. These “modalities” mainly refer to sensory conditions.

The scientist claimed that each individual has many cognitive abilities that are weakly correlated. The multiple intelligence theory forecasted that kids don’t necessarily tend to be cleverer if they were easily trained in multiplication compared to other subjects. The study results showed that the laggards might perform better if a different learning technique was used. These children might show greater results in other fields of study. In addition, the scientists understood that the kids could understand multiplication on another level. The idea that some kids perceived multiplication as a different process was also quite surprising. This might help teach the kids in a fundamentally better way.

Without a doubt, the theory faced lots of criticism and mixed reactions. This was mainly because traditional tests showed the strong correlation between intelligence and the exercises a child could perform successfully. Instead, Gardner’s theory predicted a weak correlation and could not be proved empirically. Since it had significant methodological and conceptual weaknesses, it was not taken seriously in academic circles. Many assumptions seemed to be speculative, yet Gardner mentioned that they did not require empirical investigation.

The empirical research showed that there was a strong correlation between the intelligence level and many primary factors. They could compose the general influential factor, or a “g” factor, that helped forecast many situations like university admissions, professional performance, and income. In other words, a single factor determined the ability of individuals to solve problems in life and create products that would be valued in society.

However, some teachers agree that they utilize multiple intelligence theory in practice. A different approach might be helpful in case an old one is not efficient enough. These teachers also allow their students to learn more about Gardner’s theory. Many college-level students choose multiple intelligence theory as essay topics, and investigate the main inaccuracies and useful ideas of it.

An interesting topic to study is a list of criteria Gardner created to describe someone’s intelligence. His later study determined eight abilities that met the criteria. Nevertheless, he opposed the idea that every learner can be labeled with a specific intelligence. Gardner claimed that individuals possessed a certain blend of many intelligences.

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