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Extraordinary Topics For A Descriptive Essay In High School

Descriptive essays give writers a chance to say things creatively. This is not always the case in essay writing. Some styles require a more strict adherence to facts. In this case you can come up with more extraordinary topics and be less structured. Tell it as you perceive it.

Here are some things to bear in mind as you pick your topic:

  • What is your teacher like?
  • This is important because some teachers are extremely conservative and may see certain topics as being par of a scheme to undermine their authority. On the other hand, extremely liberal teachers may be offended by some choices as well. You have to know who you are dealing with and play to their preferences.

  • What would you feel comfortable writing?
  • Some of the best descriptive writing comes from a very personal place. Not everyone may be willing to allow others that close into their emotions. One student may very frankly and comfortably write descriptively about the death of a parent while another may cringe at relating the heartbreak of scoring a low grade. It really varies from person to person.

  • What will have the best effect?
  • With the other factors in mind, you should still try not to bore your readers. If you want to be average any topic will do but to be extraordinary takes some work. Look at the headlines, the history books or any other potential source. Something will stand out to you and you should let your instincts guide you.

Having read all that, start brainstorming. The following topics can also help spur you on:

  1. The first notes of my favorite song on a bad day
  2. If I could travel through time and go to Woodstock
  3. The day my little brother was born
  4. The first kiss that never happened
  5. The moment my violin stopped being painful for others to listen to
  6. The first few hours after I woke up from my coma
  7. The Hail Mary that won the game
  8. Living without things
  9. My Grandmother on medical marijuana
  10. The day I tried Sign Language
  11. A world without pollution
  12. Listening to Donald Trump speeches on mute
  13. My life as an entomophage
  14. If I failed the SAT s
  15. Adopting a puppy with special needs

There is something for everyone on the list and you should try a few out or adjust them until they fit your unique personality.

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