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How to write strong body paragraphs of the essay

Essays traditionally follow the following structure:

  • Introduction
  • Body Paragraphs - usually around 150-200 words per paragraph.
  • Conclusion
  1. The Introduction, sets the scene, states the hypothesis, idea or opinion, guides the reader’s thought process and generally encourages the reader to delve further in to the essay.
  2. Body paragraphs, are the back bone of the essay, they hold everything together, they supply the information to support the main focus of the essay. Body paragraphs need to be arranged in a logical order of the progression of ideas.

  • One Point One Paragraph.
  • As with any other type of writing, don’t try to put more than one main idea or opinion in a paragraph. Not only is it messy and jumbles ideas together it confuses the reader (as well as confusing you when you read back though your work).

  • Evidence.
  • For each point that you make in a body paragraph, you must support it with some sort of evidence. What counts as evidence? Examples will help to illustrate a point and also help the reader to recognise how your idea fits with other concepts and can also be applied to new ideas. Use more than one example or sample. If you only use one example or sample your reader may be drawn to think that your point or idea has only one application. If you can only think of one piece of evidence for each idea, you may need to have a rethink and consider using another point and maybe go back further and consider changing your hypothesis.

  • Structure.
  • Just like an essay, a body paragraph needs to have its own introduction, main body and conclusion. It’s a mini essay. This is not as hard to as you may think, and again by following this format, it benefits you the writer by giving clarity to your thoughts and strengthens the impact of your writing. It allows the reader to refine their own thought processes and reaction to your work. Make sure that just like the beginning of an essay, the first sentence states the point that you are discussing, without emphasising any specifics. Transition words to link the evidence to the main point of the paragraph helps form a seamless progression of ideas. Remember that just like an essay you need to give your paragraph an ending and possibly a guide to the next paragraph.

Read through your body paragraphs (and of course your essay), several times, making sure that your ideas follow a logical progression not only through the essay but through each paragraph. Then read through it again.

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