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I Need Help with Writing an Academic Essay

If you are writing an academic paper you should first take the time necessary to review the guidelines. Every assignment you are given in school will have a unique set of guidelines which dictate what you are supposed to write about and how you are supposed to write the paper. By reviewing the list of instructions carefully you can pin point specific key words that dictate how the paper should be researched and/or written. You can also make sure you set aside enough time to complete the assignment thoroughly.

Most academic essays will have the following structure:

  1. Introduction

    This is where you start to frame the coming arguments. This is where you have to show the reader what you will be presenting and how you are going to present it. This is where you include your thesis statement. The thesis is the question that you are going to answer or the problem that you are going to solve.

    You do not have to write the introduction first contrary to popular belief. Just because it is the first paragraph in your paper does not mean you cannot craft any other parts of your paper until it is done. The introduction does serve to hook the attention of the reader and keep them interested in your topic enough to keep reading.

  2. Body

    This is where you supply the reader with the different arguments or points to support your thesis and also where you include evidence that supports each of the aforementioned arguments or points. It is best for students to place one idea or one argument per paragraph with supporting evidence following the topic statement.

    For every paragraph in your essay you should have a topic sentence which describes to the reader the topic of that paragraph. At the end of the paragraph should be a smooth transitional statement into the next paragraph. Remember that every paragraph should revert back to the thesis statement in some way. The reader should be able to tell how each argument is related to the main purpose of your essay.

  3. Conclusion

    The conclusion is where you finish framing the argument. Consider that the introduction is the first half of the frame and the conclusion makes up the second half of the frame. The conclusion wraps up what you presented in your paper. It is what summarizes the thesis statement and the arguments you made. But it also rephrases the new evidence that you presented in the paper.

    This is the final opportunity you will have to convince the reader that your argument was sound and that your side is correct.

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