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How should a well-crafted academic essay look like

A well-crafted essay is easy to identify. If you were to place a high-quality essay next to one that is not, a veteran academic instructor would quickly be able to identify the good essay. Students who know how to craft an essay will be able to write about nearly anything and impress their instructors. Fortunately, a well-crafted essay is not as challenging to create as students often think it is. These are the components that separate a well-crafted essay from one that is not:

Meaty Introduction: Most poorly crafted essays have short, dull introduction. They usually have three sentences that simply go through the motions. A meaty introduction does not have to be especially long, but it should have a hook that shows signs of creativity. From shocking statistics, attention-getting quotes, or interesting anecdotes, there are several different techniques that writers can use to create a top notch essay. The rest of the introduction should connect the hook to the claim. A weak introduction will have just one sentence connecting the hook to the claim.

Bodacious Body Paragraphs: In a well-crafted essay, the body paragraphs are full of “body.” They have topic sentences that refer back to the claim, so instructors can quickly identify key words that reconnect to the claim. The body paragraphs also have obvious quotes, facts, statistics, or other signs of support. Good essays will have citations in parentheses and with capitalized names of experts, too. Body paragraphs in a weak essay are short and lifeless. A well-crafted body paragraph will also show signs of creativity with varying sentence beginnings and lengths, too. Poor essays will have very few differences in sentence beginnings or structure, too. The body paragraphs will be long in a well-crafted essay because they are so full of support and ideas.

Crafty Conclusion: Most students who are not very good at essay writing will completely neglect the conclusion. So, one true sign of a well-crafted essay is an actual conclusion. The conclusion take up more than just a few lines of space because it actually will have something to say. It might end with a powerful question or refer back to the quote, statistic, or anecdote in the conclusion, too.

Fabulous Format: The well-crafted essay will have appropriate margins and identifiable paragraphs that are indented. They will also have properly spelled words and grammatically correct structure, too.

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