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Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Most people don’t think about it much or even realize that it happens in the United States all the time. However child trafficking and sexual exploitation happens all the time all over the world. America is supposed to be the best country in the world and most people come here looking for the American dream, some instead get a complete nightmare. They are taken from their families with the promise of a better future here or in another country. What they get, however, is far from what they wanted. They live in hell. Here are a few ways that this tends to play itself out.

Some children are sold to the rich to be housekeepers because you don’t have to pay them once you buy them from human traffickers, and you can teach them to be what you want since they are so young. All they do is give them a small room with a mattress and a few meals and think that it is a fair trade because the way they see it, it is better than living in whatever country they came from. They are controlled all the time and often abused physically, emotionally and sexually.

Some are broken and put out on the streets to have sex for money, which they do not get to keep. They are forced to prostitute themselves every day all day to make their captors as much money as possible. Their spirits are broken, and they are devoid of all hope. Every single day is hell for them. This happens to girls and boys made to sleep with men for money. Being sold to pedophiles for full-time torture is another often reality for them.

Some end up in brothels where they are told that they can work off their debt for being brought to this wonderful country. This never happens though because they are charged so much for the ride here, paid so little for their sex work, and they are charged for every meal and bed provided for them. They make it impossible ever to get free unless a family member can find them and buy them out of the sex trade.

Things like this happen to children as young as less than ten years old and once they are too old or too beat up to work anymore they are often killed. They are also killed for mouthing off, making trouble or being too much of the burden on their kidnappers. Most don’t realize it, but so many children live these horrible lives every day.

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