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How to Write an Excellent Essay: a Technique You Should Try

Essay Types

Writing an essay is a hard task for any writer, especially an inexperienced one.  There are many different types of essays that can be written.  For instance, there are informative essays, argumentative essays, and narrative essays.  Depending on the type of essay you are crafting, you may need to pay special attention to how the essay is written (i.e. you cannot put an opinion statement like "cats are better than dogs" in an informative essay). Determining the kind of essay required is the first step in writing an excellent essay.

Essay Introduction

The introductory paragraph of an essay is crucial to the entire essay.  You may have many good points in the body of your essay, but if the intro is boring or poorly written, the reader will not feel compelled to read on.  This paragraph is the first impression for you as a writer and your paper as a grade, both of which are very important. Here are some tips to writing the introductory paragraph:

  1. Start off with a big statement - the first sentence should grab the readers' attention
  2. State your intentions with this essay - if it is a narrative essay, say something that helps the reader understand your story a little more, a kind of back-story if you will
  3. Have a precise thesis statement - do not elaborate on each point of your essay so early on, you will have plenty of time for that in the body of your essay

Essay Body

A typical essay format is the five-paragraph format.  You have the introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and the concluding paragraph.  In the body paragraphs, you will have the meat of your essay, the reasons behind your thesis statement.  These paragraphs are easy to write if you have done your research.  If you have not done your research, your next step before writing anything is doing some research.  Here are a couple research tips.

  1. Wikipedia is not a good source, but is a good starting off point - check out the sources that  Wiki-users have listed for academic papers and other reputable sources
  2. Check out your local library - some libraries have access to a lot of academic papers specifically for students writing essays
  3. Stay organized - if your notes are all over the place, you will have a harder time figuring out a direction for your thesis

Essay Conclusion

The conclusion is just as important as any other part of your essay.  Ending on a weak note will make the essay less believable, which is a huge detriment for an argumentative essay.  It is best to just reiterate your thesis statement in the first sentence, and, without adding any extra information, emphasize the importance of your essay. Just be sure not to add other pertinent information that belongs in a body paragraph.

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