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Explicit instructions on how to write a perfect persuasive essay

Do you know what is required in the writing of a persuasive essay? As a writer you become a lawyer in a court case. And if as a lawyer you win the case, then as a writer you write a brilliant persuasive essay. As the writer of the persuasive essay it's your job to persuade the reader that your argument is correct. The better your persuasive essay, the easier it will be to convince the reader and the greater will be their belief that you have created something perfect.

There are four important steps in writing a persuasive essay

  • Make sure you clearly understand your position.
  • Put yourself in the reader's shoes.
  • Gather as much relevant evidence as possible.
  • Always, always start with a draft.

Unless you are rock solid in your understanding of the position you are taking in the persuasive essay, your writing will lose punch. You must know explicitly which side of the argument you are taking. You must know all the good points and all the evidence on your side of the argument as well as being aware of the counter arguments.

You will write a better persuasive essay if you can put yourself in the mind or the shoes of the person reading it. Let's assume that they are open to be persuaded. What can you say which will convert them to your way of thinking? Placing yourself in the reader's mind can help you enormously.

You cannot make a case for a particular argument unless you have information or facts to back up your point of view. This means doing as much clever research as possible. Finding information which is irrelevant is a waste of time. It must be cream of the crop evidence. Brainstorming your topic is a great way to uncover possible evidence but too much evidence or irrelevant evidence must be discarded. It’s a court case and you should be determined to win.

Never start to write your persuasive essay until you have a detailed draft in front of you. This will include all the evidence you intend to present and the ideal is that one main point is given over to a single paragraph with supporting evidence for that main point throughout that particular paragraph. Only by creating a detailed draft in the first case can your actual writing help you create a perfect persuasive essay.

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