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The Secret To Composing A Good Response Essay On Othello

When you compare Othello to other works by Shakespeare, you will understand that it is quite different from them. Apart from the fact that it does not have a secondary plot, the actions contained in the play are concentrated in a given time and beyond the play’s first act, it is not based on multiple locations. Now your class has been asked by your teacher to compose a good response essay on the play and you are at a loss on how and where to start. You don’t need to sweat profusely over this task because the help you need is right here before you.

Here in this article are tips that would set the stage for you to write a good response essay on Shakespeare’s Othello. These tips are as follows:

  • Get Analytic: When you plunge in too fast into writing your essay, you might just miss the point of the paper. For this reason, it is important that you take your time to carefully read and note down important phrases within the topic or question on which you are writing the essay on Othello. This way, you can be sure of giving the right interpretation or response in your paper.
  • Test Yourself: To confirm that you fully understand the question or topic of the paper, get the topic rewritten in your own words. If the result gives the same meaning as what you initially have, then you are on the right track to writing a compelling argument.
  • Focus On Key Questions: There are certain elements that your target readers would be looking out for in your paper. List these elements or questions out and make sure you concentrate on answering the questions as they would form the response essay you are working on.
  • Make Plans: This is simply done by creating an impressive outline. The main elements of this outline are your introduction/thesis statement, body paragraphs and finally, the conclusion. Each body paragraph has to start with a topic sentence and solidified with supporting sentences.
  • Make The Content Come Alive: This action is achieved by writing in the present tense instead of past tense. Let it look like the action is taking place that moment instead of in the past.
  • Avoid Contraction Of Words: This means that instead of writing “Isn’t”, you should write “Is not”, etc. Always write the words of your paper in full.
  • Maintain Proper Use Of Quotations: In this regard, only include quotations if they are relevant to the paper. You should also ensure that you are quoting exactly the right words.

With these tips, you can be sure of effectively composing a good response essay on Othello. If on the other hand you need help in writing the essay, you should follow this link to get professional help.

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