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When you are on the hunt for good essay examples from online sources, it is a good idea to look around at the wide variety of options. There are some sites that you should avoid and there are some that will meet your needs perfectly. Here are a few tips to help you find the best online essay examples:

Avoid the shifty website. When you conduct your search for good essay examples, you will get millions of hits. The ones that come at the top of the list might not be the best, but they have paid serious money to be at the top. These are the websites that are looking to make money off of your essay writing needs. The other shifty websites are the ones that advertise essay help, but everything on their site is spelled wrong or has missing words or other grammar errors. These are not the best places to find good essay examples.

Look for college writing labs. Colleges understand the needs of their students, so they have created writing labs that their students can access online. These labs include grammar rules, writing rules, tutorials, practice pages, and sample essays. You should be able to find a top essay that has been proofread and edited several times over before the college posted it on their website.

Visit the top blog sites. These are not the ones made by moms, these are the sites that are created by professionals and are updated on a minute-by-minute basis. These news blogs usually have essays that are written by journalists and other professional writers. You can use these outstanding essays as examples, for inspiration, or as a template. Writers who read pieces in their style of craft tend to get better at that craft. You might even find that you are so inspired by an essay you read by a professional writer that you decide to craft a response essay to that writer.

Learn about the database. Many colleges, especially those with graduate degree programs, have online databases that are full of essays that were written by enrolled students. If you are working on a degree and you are considered an active student, you should be able to access the databases at no charge.

There are several other places to look for essays, like grammar websites, and professional writing sites. The key is to never turn in the samples as your own.

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