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Excelling in Crafting an Introduction Paragraph in the Right Format

Formatting a paper is much like riding a bike; once you’ve learned you will never forget. When writing an essay your paper has an introduction, body, and conclusion. Similarly to this standardized format for all of your essay writing, there are also general guidelines for formatting your introduction. When crafting an introduction paragraph of your essay you will want to include a hook, background and thesis statement.


The hook of your essay is what will grab the attention of your readers. What you use to hook your readers’ attentions will be different depending on the style and topic of your paper. Some options, which can hook and reel your reader in, include an anecdote, statistic, quote or anything else of interest.

For instance, if you are writing a persuasive essay encouraging domestic adoption, you may share the shocking statistic that all of the children waiting to be adopted in the United States could fill the Miami Dolphins’ stadium several times.


After you have hooked your readers with an interesting piece of information, you will want to share the background on your topic. This is the area where you will present the general information including the history, ideas, data and major factors of your topic. Continuing the example of adoption, in the background of your persuasive paper about adoption you would share all of the pertinent information about adoption and the issues surrounding it.

Thesis Statement

Now that you have hooked your readers and presented the information necessary for them to fully understand your topic, you will lead into your thesis statement. The thesis statement lays out the purpose of your paper. It is the roadmap for your paper in one statement. The thesis statement will present your paper’s topic and outline the way in which you plan to support your main idea. Each element of your thesis statement will have its own section in the body of your paper.

Much like riding a bike, once you have learned what it takes to successfully craft the introduction of your paper writing introductions will come easily. Regardless of the topic follow the guidelines of presenting your hook, background and thesis statement. The hook will grab your reader, the background will provide information needed to understand the topic and the thesis statement will layout the framework for the rest of the paper.

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