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A Step-By-Step Tutorial on How to Write an Expository Essay Introduction Section

Expository essays are essays with a simple purpose, to give explanation on a topic that may interest the reader. They are generally very dry in verbiage and get right to the point, as it is not the author's job to put too much of himself or his opinions into the essay. The main body of the essay is merely an explanation of the subject itself or some aspect thereof, so that is relatively straightforward. You just include facts and explain things. However, the introduction the introduction is much more difficult. There purpose of the introduction is simple, but what to put in it is not very clear. Therefore, you should take time and follow the steps below for expository victory.

  1. The first sentence, or several sentences, of an expository essay should be designed to give your reader a bit of a taste of what is to come. It is important here to therefore be of interest, because you need to grab and hold the reader's attention quickly if you expect them to read your essay at all. You are going to need to be interesting, so come up with something fun and unique. Perhaps a fact related to your topic, or something the reader does not know. Maybe you will start by defining a word from the dictionary, or some other prove trope.

  2. The biggest part of any essay is the Thesis statement. This is especially true of expository essays. Thesis statements are the main fact that your essay is trying to prove, or the specific thing that you are trying to explain in detail related to your topic. It takes time and creativity to come up with a proper thesis statement, so keep working at it!

  3. It is important to give the reader a sense of what exactly your essay is going to be about. This is the only way to show them the structure of your essay, or you risk them getting bored and leaving. That would be disaster. Instead, try getting a sentence or at least a clause in a sentence about what each of your paragraphs are going to be about, because then the reader has a clear idea of what to expect and can hold all these ideas in their head.

  4. Finally, the finial sentence in the introduction of you expository essay should be a transition to your essay proper. Transition is important because they make the essay much more pleasant to read, as well as user friendly.

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