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Good Sources to Determine Topics for Kids Persuasive Essays

The persuasive essay is a method used to test the student’s knowledge. It is a way to determine to what extent a student would research and study to investigate on a certain topic. How much valid information they are capable of collecting and how they would evaluate the evidence found in revealed in a persuasive essay. All these need to be written in brief within a specific word limit.

5 Topics That You Can Choose to Write on

  • Fast food: A very interesting research topic that gives you various angles to research on such as health, fitness, flavor etc.
  • Soft Drinks: you can present a good comparative analysis by taking up two competing brands of soft drinks.
  • Smoking: The awareness programs will give you innumerable number of facts and data to research on smoking and its bad effect on health.
  • School Prayers: As a kid your morning in school begins with prayers and ends with it. You can discuss how it has an impact etc.
  • Vegetarianism: Whether you are a vegetarian or not. This is a topic where you get to present the various health benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle. It is also considered by various medical experts that vegetarian people live a healthier and longer life compared to others. This helps present a good study.

3 Useful Tips

The most difficult part that kids face when asked to write a persuasive essay is choosing the topic. It is very normal to be confused and not know which topic to select. Even adults face such situation. Here are some useful tips that can assist a kid to select a topic when in dilemma:

  • It is a great idea to think about the topics that genuinely interest you. Ask yourself about what are the things that you would like to research upon?
  • Talk to your family about the things that really interest you. Views and opinions will come up while talking.
  • Discussion with a group of individuals on a topic is the best way to where arguments and opinions will come to you naturally.
  • Always track the time limitation and writing details that are to be followed before starting to write.
  • Use a word document to write from the very beginning. This is the best way where the computer detects all the spelling and other errors and helps correct them.

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