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Picking Up Simple Argumentative Essay Topics For High School Students

Okay, so you are in high-school and have been asked to write your first argumentative essay. This is your chance to demonstrate your debating skills really. You already know that you need to choose an interesting topic, come down on one side of the debate and consistently stick with it throughout. You want to demonstrate to your tutor that you can deliver a quality, thought-provoking paper that will get the class talking. You want to stand out from the crowd, but you don’t know where to find a topic that is simple to convey, yet quirky enough to place you head and shoulders above the pack.

I have put together a list of topics that you might want to consider. Feel free to play around with them and mix them up so that they resonate with you. The key to writing an essay of this nature is not only to connect with the subject matter yourself, but also make your readers connect:

  • Are there ever any circumstances when cheating in an exam might be considered acceptable?
  • Should educational establishments offer cash incentives or gift vouchers in return for good grades?
  • Should the children of illegal immigrants be given the same rights as legal citizens?
  • Does playing on your smartphone fry your brain?
  • Should books be phased out in educational establishments to make way for tablet computers?
  • Should robots take on some parenting responsibilities, to enable your parents to go to work?
  • Should there be a blanket ban on companies collecting data about minors for marketing purposes, or are there occasions when this might, in fact, be beneficial to the young person.
  • Are all online reviews fraudulent?
  • Are the conventional T.V. channels representative of all of America, or are they still heavily biased toward middle-aged, white men?
  • Is it ever okay for an adult man, to check out a teenage girl while walking down the street?
  • Do young men have a role to play in tackling sexual violence against young women, or should they leave it law enforcement and adults?
  • Is it ever acceptable to backchat your parents?
  • Are your parents always right, and should you always obey them even when they are wrong
  • Should grandparents have guaranteed legal rights over their grandchildren, or is that taking things a step too far?
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