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How to write autobiography essay for yourself and impress the readersĀ 

An autobiography is a personal story about a person written by him. It is written in first person and is a narrative directly from a person about his life and events. There are different types of essays including personal, narrative, argumentative, discussion, comparison, and evaluation essays. If you are asked to write an autobiography by your teacher then you should remember a few important things:

Make an outline

The basic step to writing a good essay is making an outline. If you successfully create an outline for your essay then half of your work is done. This can make things easier as you have an idea of how will you take your essay further, what is the direction of your essay. In an outline, you have to divide your essay in three main parts that are namely introduction, body, and conclusion. The number of paragraphs in the body can differ from essay to essay

Pen down all the important events

Before you start writing, your essay it is a good idea to pen down all the important points on a rough paper that you want to include in your essay. You can make bullet points or give them a number. You do not have to write all the details in the rough paper, just write hints that will remind you of the points you have to explain

Move in an order

Make sure that your autobiography moves in an order. The reader does not know what event occurred when, if you include the events in a wrong order they will get confused. You know what happened when but your readers do not have a clue about your life. Make sure you are clear enough in your essay

Elaborate your outline

It is now time to elaborate the points you have made in your outline, move step by step and deal with one point at a time. Keep the relevant information in the same paragraph and make sure the transition between paragraphs is smooth. Leave enough space while starting a new paragraph so that the reader can tell the paragraph has ended

Stay honest and allow your readers an insight

Remember to stay honest in your essay. People are always interested in reading real life stories and getting an insight about your life.

Develop curiosity

A good piece of writing is the one that develops curiosity in the readers

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