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A Guide to Academic Writing: The Top 10 Exciting High School Essay Topics

Academic writing can be fun. It just seems that sometimes you might be too busy to realize that is true. If you can pick a topic in which you are interested or which might be a hobby of yours, then your paper will naturally be better written and be more interesting to read.If you search online you will see that there are literally millions of topics available. Trending topics seem to be more inviting to high school students, as they are very aware of what is going on in the world. The top ten trending topics these days are:

Top 10 Trending Topics

  • Raul Castro-Who is he, how did he make amends with the United States, and can he be trusted? What policies will he implement and how will he do this?
  • Pope Francis-who is he and how is he so incredibly peaceful in such an angry world? What does the Catholic Church think of his radical stances?
  • ISIS-Who are they, where are they, and what are their plans?
  • BBC-Who runs it, how did the corruptions occur, and have they stopped?
  • Sony-How did the leak occur and how can it be prevented from happening again in the future?
  • President Obama and Obama Care-Why is he always being sued for Obama Care, what is Obama Care, and is it really working or not?
  • De Blasio-Did he kill his chances for political advancement by shunning and alienating the New York Police Department? Can this rift be repaired, and if so, how can it be repaired?
  • Drone Warfare-How advanced is drone warfare? Is it realistic? Who has made advancments in the field of drone warfare and should other countries be worried about these advancments?
  • Journalist and Crossing the Privacy Line-Why are journalists bugging and hacking into celebrities’ private life and what should be the punishment for such infractions?
  • The United States Presidency-Who will be running in the race and what are their chances of winning the presidency?

Consider looking at social media and online for other fresh topic ideas. Once you have picked a topic, you will then need to compose the perfect thesis statement. Find out from your teacher if the paper is MLA or APA and then begin your research. Your research should lead to an amazing outline and then that outline will culminate in a great essay.

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