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How To Organize An Outline For A Narrative Essay Properly

When it comes to writing any type of academic paper, including a narrative essay, developing a properly organized outline is the key to an effective writing. When you have a good outline, it will go a long way to ensure that your information is properly organized before presentation. If you are interested in understanding how to organize an outline for your academic paper properly, here is the guide you need:

  • Choose A Topic: This is the first step before you talk about creating an outline for your paper. Based on the chosen topic, you will then carry out extensive research in order to gather enough information for your paper. With this done, you are then ready to start working on your paper’s outline.
  • Create The Introduction/Thesis: This is the first part of your outline which is aimed at introducing your readers to your narrative essay. With the last paragraph, you will let your readers know about the purpose of your paper which is the thesis statement.
  • Main Points Or Ideas: This part of the outline creates space where the main points or ideas of your paper will go in. They will all be paragraphs of their own and will come as the main bullet points.
  • Supporting Sentences: These sentences are sandwiched between the main ideas or points. They serve the purpose of helping you to broaden out on the main ideas and going into details without losing focus. The past part of the supporting sentence should effectively transition into the next main idea or point. The supporting sentences are sub-points that follow the main bullet points or ideas.
  • Conclusion: This where the entire narrative essay is properly synthesized. It brief restates your paper’s thesis and goes on to touch on the main ideas of your paper and why they are the solid foundation of your narrative paper. If necessary, you can include bullet points and sub points in order to further drive your viewpoints home.

The layout of your outline can be in this format:

  • Paragraph 1:
    1. Introduction
    2. Thesis
  • Paragraph 2: Main Point 1
    1. Facts, examples, and quotes
    2. Facts, examples, and quotes
    3. Facts, examples, and quotes
  • Paragraph 3: Main Point 2
    1. Facts, examples, and quotes
    2. Facts, examples, and quotes
    3. Facts, examples, and quotes

The number of paragraph contained in your narrative essay is determined by the prompt from your tutor. It could be a 3-paragraph or 5-paragraph paper.

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