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How To Write An Essay In English: Advice For 2nd Graders

English and mathematics both are subjects that are liked and hated by majority of the students. Either students like these subjects or they just hate them. In the selection of these two subjects kid’s become so extremist. If you understand the basics of these subjects, you would not face any difficulty.

Kids at second grade are not easy to handle. They are very demanding. Everything depends upon their moods. If they like a teacher or a subject, you cannot force them to dislike it. And if they dislike a subject or a teacher you cannot help it.

Now coming to the point, what you could do if your kid does not like this subject. Or if he faces any trouble in composing English essays. Here is a complete guide and set of instructions that will help in writing his own assignments.

  • Selection of the topic
  • It is very important to select the topic carefully. If you have selected the topic that is not of your interest, then you would not write it properly. Always select the topic of your interest. Help your kid selecting the right topic.

  • Add the relevant information
  • Collect the necessary facts about your topic. You can take help from guidebooks and text books. Internet is also a good choice to gather information from.

  • Remove the unnecessary or irrelevant information
  • Try to add only relevant information. Unnecessary information would not help you in crafting a good paper.

  • Physical sketch
  • Try to tell your kid of drawing a physical sketch in his mind. It will help him in writing the paper. Try to create a visual image in his mind. Tell him to write down his expressions on paper.

  • Picture story practice
  • It is an ideal practice. It will help your kid explaining his views. Help and guide him, wherever he needs.

  1. What are you writing?
  2. Why are you writing?
  3. Does your essay meet all the requirements given to you by your teacher?
  4. Is it free of grammatical errors?
  5. Is it free of spelling errors?
  6. Have you proofread it?
  7. Is it informative?
  8. Is it engaging?
  9. Does it have an introductory paragraph?
  10. Does it end on a concluding paragraph?

If you are able of giving positive answers to all of the above questions, then you are ready to go.

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