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Writing A Problem-Solution Essay: 5 Suggestions From A Professional

The way you can write this essay is approaching it like you would a problem-solution scenario. In this case, the problem is writing this essay, how to write it is the solution. So keep reading to find out more. It’s easy enough to find topic ideas, but you need one that resonates with you, one you’re passionate about enough to research it and spend a lot of time thinking about it. That’s the kind of topic that will get you an A on your homework.

Look at the suggestions below to start crafting an amazing homework project about problems and solutions. You’ll get a good grade if you stick to the teacher’s instructions and creatively present your ideas.

Professional problem solution essay writing tips

  1. Create a proposal. This first step is meant for convincing yourself—and eventually others—that your topic is worthy of being solved. Think about the reason behind choosing this particular problem, what your understand of it is, and what you need to learn while writing this paper.
  2. Do your homework. And by that I mean research, research, research. Find everything you can on the topic, gather ideas, and don’t skip over details that may prove important. If you open your mind to understanding further, you won’t limit the scope of your paper.
  3. Map out or outline the project before you begin. This helps because these kind of papers have many different parts and you need to have a solid structure to follow. Organization is your best friend. Make sure you can see at a distance the entire vision of the essay and how it all fits together.
  4. Writing the essay. When composing it, start with alternative solutions before you explain your ideal solution. This serves to show that you’ve put a lot of thought into other ways to deal with the problem and it can back up your chosen solution by eliminating other factors or concerns people may have.
  5. Call people to action in the conclusion. When you encourage your readers to join the cause or act on what they’ve read, you’ve done your job well. Use this space to show the reader what their life or community would be like if they don’t accept the solution you’ve proposed. Alternatively, you could ask them to take a simple step toward that solution, and let them know why this approach would be satisfying to them.

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