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5 Rules For Writing A Five-Paragraph Essay Outline In Business Economics

Outlines are so important when it comes to writing essays. They help make sure that you stay on track and that you are presenting your information in the best possible ways. When you are asked to create an outline for your business economics class, there are five rules that you need to follow.

  • # 1- Five paragraphs = Five sections
  • Your outline will have five different sections. One for each paragraph. You will be deciding what to include in each one of them. The outline is where you plan what you will talk about in your paper. The key is to decide the best order to present your information.

  • # 2- Three main parts
  • Every essay includes three main parts which are the introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction and conclusion will be one paragraph long a piece and take up the first and last section of your outline. The body will be broken down into three paragraphs and the middle three sections.

  • # 3- Introduction
  • The introduction should include three sections. The first is the background information. That is where you will present any information that your reader may need to understand the rest of the paper if they had never heard of the topic before. The second section would include the definitions of any topic specific terms that you may need to define for your reader. The last section will be the thesis statement, which is the main point of your entire paper and what the body of the paper will prove.

  • # 4- Body
  • This is the main part of your paper. You will have three paragraphs and each paragraph will give a different reason to support the thesis. They shouldn’t be mixed up. You want each paragraph to state one reason for believing the main point of the paper. Use transitions to go from one section to the next. You can add these into the outline so that you are linking main ideas.

  • # 5- Conclusion
  • You will want to restate your thesis in this section and also restate the main points. If there is something that is interesting that you found, you can add it in here to leave your audience with something to think about. Make sure that it is not a new idea and that it works with the rest of the paper.

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