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Reviewing an Example of an Introductory Paragraph

The introductory paragraph

An introductory paragraph is all about making a first impression; it is all about capturing your audience’s attention and getting them to read on to the rest of the essay. It does not matter if your paper is meant to be short or long, your introductory paragraph, which is the first paragraph, needs to be very entertaining. This first paragraph will consist of several sentences in which will mention all of the aspects that you will discuss throughout the remaining paragraphs in your paper. These sentences in the first paragraph are also meant to create the format for whatever your thesis statement may be. The thesis statement is the start of the rest of your paper. It is generally the last sentence of the introductory paragraph.

Overall your introductory paragraph should include the following:

  • The thesis statement, which is how you make what you want to get through to the audience known, you mention everything in broad terms that support your statement and back up what you want to discuss throughout your paper
  • Your very first sentence needs to really grab the attention of anyone and of everyone
  • There also needs to be several sentences that are very informative and which help you to build your thesis statement on these informative sentences

The first sentence:

The first sentence of your introductory paragraph needs to be entertaining in order to intrigue your readers and to keep them reading on until the end of your essay. There are several ways to make the first sentence entertaining for the audience these suggestions include the following:

  • A very surprising fact – such as ‘Betty White is older than sliced bread.’
  • Something that is funny – it can be a joke or it can be a true story
  • A quotation – it can be from someone in history, a celebrity, a statement from the news, or from someone you know
  • Something that strikes curiosity – such as ‘a duck’s quack has no echo.’
  • A definition of a word or of something – explaining everything outright to the audience is the easiest way to get the audience to have an honest understanding and care or not
  • An anecdote – this can help the audience to connect on a personal level to what you have to say

In your essay you need to make sure that you have a lot of supporting sentences, especially within the introductory paragraph. You also need to end with a good start, so make sure that you re read what you wrote and make sure it is good quality.

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