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How To Do A Title Page For An Investigative Essay

Many students find it challenging to write an effective investigative essay. They lack of knowledge of how to complete the process of essay writing as well as how to express their thoughts the right way. This article can help them gain more confidence on how to successfully start their investigative essays.

Useful Steps To Follow When Writing An Effective Investigative Essay

  • The first step in the process of preparation for writing a good investigative essay is to gather enough information needed for your work. This stage will include collecting of data from various sources and analyses.
  • What you need to do next is to make your first draft, which will undergo some changes later to improve the quality and organize the content in a logical sequence.
  • The next step is to arrange your work at the required structure. Title page for an investigative essay should be formed the following way:
    1. The letters should be in 12 pt, Times New Roman style, organized in the center, to be bolded and double spaced.
    2. Starting from the first row, press 6 times Enter.
    3. Here is the place where the title should be placed, followed by 7 empty rows.
    4. Then write your name, followed again by 7 empty rows.
    5. After that, at the bottom of the page, there should be three rows with Grade Course, Teacher’s name and the current date, written in a day month year form.
  • There are some requirements regarding the paper. It should be white and stapled together in the left upper corner. The papers also are preferred to be typed.
  • The first page of the essay should not begin from the beginning of the page, but approximately from ¼ of it. All the following pages need to be numbered and their numbers need to be in the right upper corner. Only the title page and the following first page should not contain page numbers.
  • At the end of the essay, all the cited sources should be documented in the reference page. Each source, from which you have borrowed some kind of information that might include knowledge, summaries, statistics or quotations, should be clearly stated. The citation should contain author’s last name and page number in brackets without a comma.

These are some main guidelines, which students can follow to write an eye-catching investigative essay that will make them stand out from their peers.

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