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Media Influence in America

Do media influence more violence in America? A large number of people in America would agree without a second thought. The media can be a helpful source as it gives others insight on what is going on in their community and across the country. But, when you see more violence going on you have to wonder what are people thinking when they learn about it. It is fair to say some violence you learn about through media sources was influenced by what was shown in the media at an earlier time.

It is one thing to learn about important events going on in your home country. But people have been known to use the media to create their own chaos. For instance, when an event happens where someone is killed or murdered and people feel justice was not served, they may react to the decision by protesting. When one town starts a protest, other towns may follow and do the same thing or worse. You end up learning about it through the media. Some people learn other parts of the country are engaged in this activity and feel they should do it too simply because they heard about it through the media.

The media has both positive and negative sides to this problem. America’s constantly exercise freedom of speech. It is a constitutional amendment that many tend to take too far in some situations. Violence in America is a growing problem since people like to use the media to get the word out about what is going on. They may not like what is going on in their community, but they know their community is not the only one dealing with the problem or issue at hand. People tend to mock what they hear or see. In some cases this is not a good thing as it can create a problem hard to control.

The media is doing a service for Americans in keeping people informed. But, the media also is obligated to show what is going on and can limit information they provide. There are times in which there are things you wish to know about is featured, but even viewers, listeners and readers have limitations on what they want to know. Sometimes it is as if the media doesn’t care about what is truly going on in America when all they are after is higher ratings.

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