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4 basics of a narrative essay writing

Narrative essay writing is a story that a writer narrates himself citing some real aspects. It should be written in such a way that it conveys a meaningful content while depicting the truth in an attention grabbing way. p>Here are the four basics of writing fascinating narrative essay writing:

Prewriting: This is one of the most significant and primary aspects of writing a narrative essay. For example when the writer is provided a topic- “Your biggest talent”; it’s not mandatory that he/ she is a word class athlete or has won an Olympics medal; instead the writer should portray himself in such a way as in what influenced him to progress on the path of sports. What kind of person he/ she were earlier and how a sport has transformed his life now. Writers could also cite mesmerizing examples where in they can illustrate that their earlier life was full of health complications, but after joining the fitness race, they have turned healthy and hearty. They should recall all their memories and should develop an emotional bond with the reader. Creating an outline and going with the flow is very essential.

Drafting: Employ “I” while writing the texts, as it develops immediacy with the reader and makes them engrossed in reading further. Describe each and every incident using vivid descriptions and in an illustrative style. It should make the readers poignant. For example, simply saying “I was disappointed when I lost 1 mark” do not triggers the attention much; instead when you say “Losing 1 mark made me felt as if I was on the bottom of the world being dropped out” is a catchier one. Furthermore, employ some plot building techniques too to get an advantage.

Revision: Revision is one of the most significant aspects of writing a narrative essay. Here the writers get an opportunity to modify and reorganize their content in lieu of making their content better. An eminent writer should understand progression of events and should make appropriate transitions eliminating extraneous details. They should be able to effectively convey their messages in an informative and descriptive manner. Moreover, there should be a powerful connection between writer’s experience and the content delivered. It should be such that the reader is able to make a conclusion without any difficulty.

Editing: This is final but important part of narrative essay writing where the writer proofreads their content and checks them for any grammatical or mechanical error. This step improves style of writing and develops clarity. Writers can invite their friends to go through their essays, as it invites a fresh perspective to their work. By using their feedback, they can make their essays even better than the previous one.

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