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The Ultimate Manual On Writing A Research Essay About Abortion

Writing about current issues is a common way for teachers to involve you with the world around you, while still learning within the context of the class. Read the ideas below for help in writing this project on abortion.

Finding a good topic: where to start

Do you want to delve into a narrow topic or go broad? You can either give a general background of information to the reader or write more in depth into one subtopic. If you choose to do general information, then you will be introducing only the basics of this issue and discussing ramifications of abortions overall. Even if you choose this, you can still show that this is an important topic and cover relevant facts, including:

  • How many abortions happen
  • Where is it legal for all 9 months?
  • Effects on the unborn child
  • The human rights of the unborn child
  • The reasons behind women getting abortions
  • What kind of women have abortions
  • The profits that run the industry

On the other hand, if you want to go more in depth, you have many different options for delving into:

  • Talking about the baby’s first few months of growth
  • Studying of stem cells
  • Fetal development
  • History of the movement for right-to-life
  • The economic impact of abortions
  • How abortion affects minorities

Writing the essay

While you are researching and writing the actual paper, make sure you take notes on everything. Ideas that you get, quotes or bits of research that you don’t yet know where it fits—save it for later. Make sure to properly keep track of where you sourced information for, because it will make it easier on yourself when it comes time to assemble your citations for the end.

Your arguments and points you need to discuss should each have their own paragraph, and be clearly explained. There’s nothing worse than a brilliant homework idea that is poorly executed, and would have been great with a little more clarity. Think about a few different ways to say what you want to say, and choose the best one.

Make an outline first, if you like. Whether you are naturally organized or not, even people who have messy rooms can have a neat outline for their writing. This can be as simple as just identifying your thesis statement, ordering your main points in the body, and adding a conclusion that sums up your research.

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