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A basic guide on how to write an essay for college

From high school to college: your big step.

While starting college education seems not a big of a deal for many, for some it can be rather complicated. College will change your lifestyle, attitdue to what you see around you, people you communicate with and the way your classes take place. But the part that will create most of the difficulties to you will be your homework and class assignments, especially those in written form. Though you will not notice a lot of changes when receiving an assignment, soon you will understand that a lot more is required from you. Even if your essays were considered nearly ideal in high school, you shall remember that college will take you writing on a whole new level.

New things you may come across in college writing.

  1. Understanding the assignment correctly. This is the first basic step to a successful paper. When in high school teachers usually explain everything about the assignment in small details, in the colege you will most likely receive the topic and will need to find out for yourself what is needed from you.
  2. Different essay types. Most of the high school students do not come across different types of essays. If you did, thank you English teacher. If not, you will need to learn which types of essay there are, what are the main differences between them and what are the basic requirements for each of them.
  3. Different citation styles. Most of the high school teachers don't require using quotes and cite them properly. Take a look at your requirements, a special citation/referencing/formatting style is usually required. Check online for the guidelines and make sure you don't miss anything – it can get a lot of points off your grade.

Proving your thoughts – how to select sources.

In high school you were mist likely asked to provide your own opinion on the topic or make a small research, using allowed in class literature. In college the situation will be quite different. You will need to go the library or online and look for the relevant and interesting sources for your paper yourself. The minimum amount of sources is usually required. Make sure to cite every though you take from somebody else ot paraphrase them to avoid direct quotes. Professors almost always use online resources to detect plagiarism in your paper – be careful!

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