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How to Write an Academic Essay by Using Free Examples

Imitation is the largest form of flattery, and learning by example is sometimes the best way to learn. These statements are true to the world, and true to academic essay writing, too. Now, we are not suggesting you plagiarize others’ essays, but suggesting that using example essays can help when learning how to write an academic essay. By reading example essays, you will be able to understand essay types, mirror formats and find new writing methods.

Understand Essay Type

By looking at free sample essays, students are able to see firsthand what each essay type is like. It is easy to explain the four kind of essays: descriptive, expository, persuasive and narrative—but ensuring you truly understand the explanation can be achieved by using free examples. By reading example of each essay type, you will be able to read for yourself and understand the function, tone, syntax and other characteristics of each essay type. It is much easier to construct a specific type of essay having been provided with an example.

Mirror Format

In addition to writing the content of an essay, formatting the essay is also much easier once you have seen an example. By seeing example essays, you will be able to mirror necessary formats concerning, margins, headers, footers, citations, work cited/references and more. Viewing these formats and then mirroring them in academic essays is much easier than going off of memory and verbal explanations. A visual aid will leave room for no error.

Find New Writing Methods

Aside from better understanding essay types and proper formatting, reading academic essay examples can also help you discover new writing methods. Perhaps, a narrative essay organizes the plot into a frame tale, a method you never would have thought of on your own. Now, after reading a frame tale, you will be much more inclined to utilize this skill when writing a narrative essay. These unique writing methods can be drawn from all four essay types to assist you with all kinds of academic essays.

As we stated, imitation is form of flattery, and sometimes the best way to learn is by example. When it comes to academic essay writing, examples are a great way to learn. Consulting examples before writing your academic essay will provide you with a better understanding of essay types, formats and writing methods to fully prepare you for success.

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