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Academic writing is very important when working to obtain degree from College. When you are assigned an essay for class there are steps to follow to make sure you follow the proper format. These steps can be fairly easy as long as you follow them properly. Here are some simple steps to follow to write the perfect 5 paragraph essay.

  1. First paragraph-Introduction
  2. First you will need to write an introduction paragraph. In this paragraph you will introduce the thesis to your essay and layout the questions you will answer in the body of the essay. This will introduce your subject matter and briefly describe the content and where it leads the reader to. You will also need to introduce a transitional statement that transitions you to the next paragraph.

  3. Second paragraph
  4. First sentence of this paragraph should start with an intro from the transition leading into the strongest point of the essay. This is where you will introduce your strongest point and elaborate on it to help the reader to understand your point. You will describe in detail your strongest point and add any research or citations that pertain to this point. It will help you to make your point about the topic of the essay. Then you will write your transitional statement to move on to the next paragraph.

  5. Third paragraph
  6. When you begin your third paragraph you will do a transitional lead into for the next strongest point. This paragraph can be more elaboration on the first paragraph or it can start another strong point to the essay and elaborate on that point. The more information that you include in your paragraphs the more it will help the reader to connect to the essay. Once you have made any illustrations or points to stress your point in this section you will start on your transition to the next paragraph.

  7. Fourth paragraph
  8. Your lead into from the transition in the previous paragraph will lead you into the fourth and final point. In your fourth paragraph you’re going to discuss the weakest point of the essay or follow up information to the second paragraph. Your subject for this paragraph should be in the second and third sentence of the paragraph and elaborate in more detail on the subject. Once your point is made you can transition to the conclusion of the essay.

  9. Fifth paragraph- Conclusion
  10. In this conclusion you will have your lead into transition that will help you collaborate all your material one collective understanding for the reader. It will restate the thesis in new words and explain the findings of the three paragraphs that completes the thesis. It will also draw a conclusion to the essay and end the essay.

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