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The main fundamentals to write a comparison and contrast essay

A compare and contrast essay is an essay that requires you to examine the similarities and/or the differences between two or more events, people, books, etc.. The main fundamentals of a comparison and contrast essay is to arrange an essay in block arrangement, point-by-point arrangement, or alternating arrangement so that the writer can make an argument and convince the reader.

If you want to show the similarities between Othello and Romeo and Juliet, you will want to use one of the arrangements above and outline your paper accordingly. If you use the block arrangement for your comparison and contrast essay you will want to write one paragraph about the similar struggles in the two pieces, and the next paragraph about the similar secondary characters. You can also talk about one point in the first paragraph in one play, and cover that same point in the next paragraph as it relates to the next play.

You can also write a comparison and contrast essay in the point-by-point style, also considered the alternating arrangement. This arrangement requires you to write one paragraph about one similarity (or difference) in the two plays, with the next paragraph covering the next similarity (or difference). You can write as many paragraphs as you need to cover the similarities and differences you want to cover.

You can use any of the following topics to create your comparison and contrast essay:

  • Compare and/or contrast the American government and the British government
  • Compare and/or contrast Christianity to Islam
  • Compare and/or contrast classical music to hip hop music
  • Compare and/or contrast the Antebellum Era to the Reconstruction Era
  • Compare and/or contrast Stalin to Hitler
  • Compare and/or contrast Mozart to Beethoven
  • Compare and/or contrast Greek mythology to Roman mythology
  • Compare and/or contrast Communism and capitalism
  • Compare and/or contrast the British Empire and Roman Empire
  • Compare and/or contrast Halogen lights to incandescent lights
  • Compare and/or contrast Newton to Einstein
  • Compare and/or contrast Going on vacation versus staying at home

You can write on any of the topics above and focus on the similarities or differences between them. You can compare and contrast the two items or focus on one over the other. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination. Use your imagination and make sure to spin any of the examples above so that the topic fits your assignment requirements.

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