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Ordering Non-Plagiarized Essay Sample at No Cost

Credible writing companies who do not plagiarize do exist. The problem is they swim among a pool of companies who are not reputable and specialize in plagiarism. You need to get a writing sample for free to test the product and quality of the professional writing company.

Some people simply cannot write. This does not mean they are cheating the system, it means they need help. Consider a writing company if you cannot compose a needed essay. As you search among writing companies, be selective always. Do not hire a company that reuses essays, plagiarizes, or does not give samples of their work.

Show You Are Serious

Approach the writing company like a professional. You may have to create an account. Do not worry about doing this, but do read the agreement’s fine print. Never pay for a sample of writing. Use the messenger or email system and communicate your writing needs to the company. By personally reaching out to a company representative, you are showing you are serious.


Ask for a sample of their non-plagiarized work. If you ask, there will be three possible responses. The company may say not. Do not worry if they do, simply eliminate them from your potential list.

They may agree to a sample for a limited time. It will probably come in a locked PDF that you can have for a very short period of time. They are protecting their business by being secure. No writing company can give wide-open access to their samples.

The third option may be a piece of a sample. You may see the introduction, one of the body paragraphs, and the conclusion.

They Are a Business

While the writing company would love your business, they have to protect their assets. Just as you need a protection of their quality, they need a protection for their samples. If their samples are so accessible that people can actually take them and use them without compensation, then they lose business. Lost business equals loss profits. Be understandable.

Go Ahead

Search for several possible writing companies. You should request samples from all of them. Remember, some of the companies will say no. Peruse your samples, and then select the company that best suits your needs. Then, and only then, set up an account and give your payment information. Best of luck with getting your essay sample!

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