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The Silk Road

The Silk Road is a famous route in history. All across Asia, the trails served to connect people from as far back as 206 BC. The vastly traveled road connected the west to the east and resulted in increased trade, movement, and awareness of other cultures.

Trade was rich on the Silk Road. Such good as precious and semi-precious jewels, gold, silver, silk, and spices traversed the road. Civilizations grow in wealth and power, as they were able to increase their trade areas. The Chinese of the Hand Dynasty (206 BC-220 AD) were the firs to begin to establish the Silk Road.

Merchants, pilgrims, families, adventurers, nomads, traders, and others were able to broaden their world. The route allowed people to travel where they had never before been and to learn more about other cultures and other civilizations.

Ideas, political views, inventions, and good were moved along The Silk Road, also known as the Silk Route. People from Persia, Greece, Rome, India, and China, to name a few, were able to benefit financially, politically, and socially from the road. The Great Wall of China was actually increased in size to ensure that those traveling the route would be safe. Park animals and rudimentary wagons allowed for people to bring more items with them as they traveled. As the route travel increased, the roads became better maintained and secured.

The 4000-mile Silk Road, which began as a road for military states of nomadic birth, gave rise to a new concept. Changed the world. Up until this point, civilizations had been insular and inclusive. Rarely did people travel out to discover new markets and ways of life. Traveling and expansion allowed for people to grow in financial gains. There were times when different countries desired the route so much that they fought over different parts and segments of the Silk Road. It really did change the world.

Historically, the route disappeared immediately after the end of the Mongol’s rule. This famous trade route still plays a role in the modern world. In 2014, the Silk Road was given the status of Chang’an-Tianshan piece of the Silk Road by UNESCO. It has been titled a World Heritage Site. The New Silk Road is considered to be the Eurasian Land Bridge, a train rail that rules through the regions of China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and then Russia. The route is now used as a tool for promoting peace among various nations.

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