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It is important, when researching, to be somewhat wary of using Internet resources. You want to find credible sources. Encyclopedias such as Wikipedia should only be used to define something broadly or in your introduction. Find specific, primary, sources for the rest of your information. Search engines will help you find these things, and things that are considered common knowledge do not need to be sourced, but many other things do.

The extensions of the websites that you find during your search can play a key role in determining whether they should be used or not. Look for websites ending in .gov, .org, or .edu for government, non-profit, or educations institutions respectively. The information on these sites is often more reliable and has less bias than the information found on the open web. School libraries can also be used in order to find better material in print. You should be cautious when using websites ending in .com, since they are often commercial websites and are biased.

  1. Online reference materials. This can include academic and scholarly databases. Examples would be: ProQuest, or SIRS, as well as eLibrary.
  2. Newspaper and Periodical Indexes.
  3. Encyclopedias. This includes the Canadian Encyclopedia, web resources such as Wikipedia, or the Encyclopedia Britannica
  4. Magazines or Journals. These are, by far, the best to search for primary source material. National Geographic, Newsweek, Time, etc...
  5. Newspapers. These are exemplified by: The New York Times, BBC, Al Jazeera, The Los Angeles Times, USA Today, etc...

If you have a school library, then that is going to be your number one resource for all of the materials you need. If they do not have an adequate stock of materials for your subject you can always visit nearby school libraries for resource materials. Normal libraries are good as well, but they will often not have the extensive research material that can be found at school libraries. When you are looking into your research materials, evaluate them. See what kind of resources are available through government, businesses, or local residents. Take extensive notes on anything that you believe may be relevant. Print out or photocopy relevant articles so that you can keep them. Keep extensive notes about what you use for your bibliography. You need to make sure that you always have your references with you in order to use them when they are needed.

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