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Looking For An Example Of A Good Personal Narrative Essay

A personal narrative essay unfolds like a story through the eyes of one character in the story, which is you, the writer. However, a good personal narrative essay has a specific focus, perhaps a major event which would be your thesis, and it remains within the bounds of that event, rather than meandering off into other unimportant avenues. The key to writing a good essay is to do your research and read up on different examples of personal narrative essays, and therein get an idea of how best to write yours.

3 Tips for Finding a Good Personal Narrative Essay Example

  • The Internet
  • The internet is a vast vista of learning and education if you choose to you use it for that. Research personal narrative essay examples using specific terms and those even related to your thesis for the essay. Do your homework thoroughly before starting to write, but make sure that the source you use is a reliable one and has material that fits the description of your curriculum. Several freelance writers post their best works including even links to dissertations on their blogs; they are a good and reliable source for reading examples.

  • Your Teacher
  • Your teachers are always happy to help you, in fact, they appreciate it when students come to them with questions; it tells them that they are putting effort into their studies and homework. If you can’t find any good examples, you can ask your teacher, and he/she can direct you to another student in your class or another class, whose personal narrative essay you could read to better grasp the manner of writing.

  • Books
  • Another more in depth example of a good narrative essay can be found in books such as autobiographies. They may be long and take a while to get through, but they offer a personal narrative and are essentially a collection of essays which would be helpful for you. If you read enough, you might even end up using them for your dissertation someday. Other examples include fiction books and e-books by freelance writers, which have great examples of personal narratives as well; Wuthering Heights has two narrators who focus on different events throughout the book providing many helpful examples.

As long as you keep a focus on the term or event that is the key to your narrative, and read some examples that make you fully understand the concept, you will find writing the personal narrative essay a breeze.

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